MHCL, a limited company, was registered under the Companies Act (Cap.486) Kenyan Laws in 2009. It is a fully-owned subsidiary of Mhasibu Sacco (herein MSSL/Sacco). MHCL’s key objective was to enable Sacco members to acquire affordable housing and land ownership solutions by pooling resources and benefiting economies of scale.

Due to its success, especially in reducing the cost of land, non-members have also been attracted by its products; it now serves the Sacco members and the public willing to participate in its projects. MSSL is a Sacco for accountants established by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) in 1986; it is over 30 years and has over 25,000 members.


  • To be the leading real property provider in the region.


  • To offer affordable and competitive products in property development, management, and financing that impacts livelihoods socially and economically.

Core Values

  1. Integrity: Uphold a high degree of honesty and openness to our clients and other stakeholders in our actions, decisions, and policies.
  2. Collaboration: Uphold together strong characteristics of communication, self-control, and humility to achieve MHCL’s goals and objectives despite our differences.
  3. Environmental consciousness: Create openness, clarity, and accuracy by ensuring high-quality service at all times to accomplish the MHCL’s objective.
  4. Passionate: Be responsible and liable for all our activities and action in our service delivery to our client and day-to-day operation.
  5. Agility: Have the ability to think and understand our customers quickly and easily when offering our services.
  6. Innovation: Offer our services skillfully, proficiently, knowledgeably, and with high expertise by maintaining a professional code of ethics.

Stakeholder Benefits

  1. Substantially reduced property costs.
  2. It is possible to acquire, subdivide, and distribute large acreage of land.
  3. Subsidized house prices than the available market prices.
  4. Wide publicity due to robust advertising in the MHCL and MSSL websites, print media, SMS, or email.

MHCL Satisfy the Needs of Stakeholders by;

  1. Providing solutions for affordable housing and land ownership.
  2. Providing solutions for the construction and management of housing.
  3. Purchase and sale of land or houses at an affordable price.