Housing is a Necessity…

MHCL is cognizant of adequate housing as a right to adequate standard of living as recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948. A right that has been entrenched in Kenya’s new Constitution, 2010 under the economic and social rights: “to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standard of sanitation”.

Kenya’s Vision 2030 also recognizes that only 23% (or 35,000 units) of the demand for housing is supplied annually and that only 20% of this supply caters for the low income households although they constitute the majority of households in Kenya.

Our Business

MHCL’s core business is to:

  1. Mobilize deposits from members and non members of the sacco
  2. Purchase of suitable parcels of land on behalf of stakeholders
  3. Ensure and oversee the survey and allocation of parcels of land to members and
  4. Guide estate company’s into development of houses at affordable costs
  5. Post construction management of estates at affordable rates.